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Welcome to the CO Child Nutrition Hub!

This site hosts the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) Office of School Nutrition Online System

School Nutrition and/or Summer Nutrition Programs

·      If you have forgotten your password for the School Nutrition and/or Summer Nutrition Programs, please use the Forgot Your Password? link, located below the Password window.

·      If you have been locked out of the School Nutrition and/or Summer Nutrition Programs or if you need access for a new user, please email Vivien Skrupskis.


Update on Partial Federal Government Shutdown

H.R. Res 28 reopens the government through February 15th. The U.S. House and Senate members will convene a conference committee on Homeland Security appropriations. If a final FY 2019 appropriations bill or another continuing resolution is not passed and signed by the President by February 15th, the Federal government will shut down again.  

Child Nutrition Programs should continue operations into March, as meal providers are paid on a reimbursement basis 30 days after the end of the service month. School Food Authorities (SFAs) should continue with food service operations as usual at this time, including submitting claim reimbursements.

CDE School Nutrition is in full operation and available to answer any program or funding questions. As more information becomes available, we will keep SFAs updated. Please contact Bre Riley at 303-866-6299 or with any questions or concerns.